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Invisibile, espressivo e necessario – Metafore del volto divino nella Bibbia ebraica

Ugo Volli

KEYWORDS Divine face, Exodus, Moses, Maimonides, Metaphors in the Bible, body metaphors.

ABSTRACT In this article I will talk about the role of the face in the Hebrew text of the Bible, in particular reference to the attribution, certainly problematic but very widespread and persistent, of a "face" to the Divinity. The paper starts from the examination of the role of body metaphors in the naming of abstract entities and qualities, then proceeds to the examination of facial metaphors in biblical Hebrew and goes on to examine those concerning the divine face, focusing in particular on the episode of the book of the Exodus in which Moses asks to see the divine "glory", but this is denied him because "nobody can see my face and live". I analyze in particular the interpretations that have been given by some masters of the Jewish tradition such as Rashi, Maimonides, Sforno.

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